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SugarWorld - my collection of sugar packets
This Website is dedicated to my collection of sugar packets. Generally, it presents all my double packets which I can exchange with other collectors. Just click the "SugarList" button on the left and look through the packets. If you find something you would like to have, just send me an e-mail with the symbols of packets you are interested in. I will try to keep these pages updated, so chances are that every packet you see here is available for you.

However, there's more here than just packets for exchange. Some other aspects of my collection are included under all these links on the left and below. I hope you will enjoy your visit here!
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My collection:
Do you know any of these packets?   Updated Jul 10th, 2015
NEW! Sugar packets from ferries   134 pcs. Updated Apr 4th, 2021
NEW! Sugar packets from railways   168 pcs. Updated Feb 11th, 2019
Gallery of McDonald's sugar packets   367 pcs. Updated Dec 30th, 2021
Sugar packets from airlines   968 pcs. Updated Mar 25th, 2022
Sugar packets with Zodiac signs   1287 pcs. in 331 series Updated Feb 15th, 2022
The oldest piece in my collection
A side effect of my collection...   (salt, pepper and coffee creamers)
Cubes from John van den Eynde
Polish manufacturers of sugar packets:
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Two things you should bear in mind while looking at the packets:
1. Do not get confused by colours.
The images are not top-quality ones. I try to keep their size as small as possible so that you do not get your window stuck with heavy graphics. But that results in colours being slightly different from original in some cases. Particularly, brown and dark blue colours may look like black on this site.
2. Most packets are with sugar,
yet some are empty. So, if you collect only full packets, I cannot guarantee that the very packets you choose are full.

I hope you will find something you have not had so far here. If so, note down the symbols and send me the list of your needs. Answer guaranteed (although not always immediately - I sometimes stay silent for several days)
Waiting for your e-mails

Robert Grniak, Poland

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